Welcome to the Creative Marketer

Hi, I’m Jason Keath, and I’m writing here because it’s “better for my mental health” than doom-scrolling.

I’m obsessed with the art and beauty in the world. That’s why I majored in art in college. It’s probably why I still work in marketing and advertising today.

I’ve always found art to be wonderful and easy while I find people to be mostly confusing and difficult (no offense).

The goals for Creative Marketer are simple:

  • Give you some new perspectives, make you think (and laugh)

  • Make myself think

  • Get to know more interesting people (you hopefully, or your friends?)

  • To create a space on the web that represents more of what I used to love about the internet (remember Geocities? and Usenet?)

And, just on the off chance they could be helpful to someone, here are some boring details:

  • I have a BFA in design and photography

  • I was born in the south, with no accent, and NYC is my safe space

  • I currently live in or near the Big Apple (mysterious I know)

  • I love board games and am very good at them

  • Racket sports are the best sports (yes, even pickleball)

  • Co-founder of Social Fresh, a performance marketing agency specializing in PPC, paid social, web development, and performance creative

  • Social Fresh is also the original social media conference where we’ve hosted over 30 conferences to help teach brands how to stand out and best utilize an ever-shifting landscape of marketing channels

  • My favorite city in the world is Florence, Italy

  • This little corner of the internet is where I write about marketing, advertising, creativity, and art.

The Creative Marketer is for anyone, but probably most relevant for brand and marketing professionals who want to stay up on things and get inspired, but not too inspired. No homework assignments here, just vibes.

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Jason Keath

Co-Founder @ Social Fresh, a performance marketing agency. Artist. Autistic.

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Co-founder @SocialFresh | App Creator @19MinuteYoga